Private & Coporate Luxury Jets

‘Living in the air’ is a key component of a number of high profile commissions for Archer Humphryes in interior design, identity for private and corporate jets on the drawing board and at prototype stage that the designers, in the near future will launch a host of new products. Familiarity with the hotel and private residential experience translates elegantly into the luxury travel industry, for individuals as well as large companies where they may spend a considerable amount of time in the clouds.

Private and corporate jets have the same restictions today as commercial aircraft, yet potentially have a larger program; master bedrooms with ensuite bathroom, guest sleeping quarters, living lounge, spa and massage space, dining and reception spaces, crew quarters, galley and all the necessary safety standards. With impeccable technical expertise and knowledge as the key foundation for developing ideas, individuals expect when they travel, to have comfort and private areas in the interiors that are modest and at the same time for public arena and entertainment a ‘hint’ of ‘Old Hollywood Glamour’ with a sprinkle of the old adage ‘The Romance of Travel.’

Classic textures such as leather, silk, wood, glass and carbon fibre composites are combined with modern engineered material technologies that are developed for precision in the aviation and car industries, where standards are constantly evolving. With infinite experience at their finger tips from being involved in revolutionary ideas at the time, such as the first carbon fibre galley created for the A380, to glass technology generated by NASA being transposed into other sectors - whatever the innovation is, the key practicalities focus on safety at take - off and landing, ergonomics of sitting for long periods of time and working with aviation experts as the next generation of features are certified by the civil avaiation authorities.

Being continually inspired by a long link to the aviation world, results in an obession to detail and invention that influences other projects in the studio, whether it is a yacht, a rooftop bar in the centre of a metropolis or a LED lamp. The aesthetic response is a direct response to what the project constraints possess - cockpit, wing span, history whether its Brooklands with speed or Concorde, circular sections, weightlessness, effort and knowledge.

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