Modern Cruise Liners

Making the most luxurious and fastest ocean liners, with an interior design to match has been a cornerstone in the cruise liner industry since the race began in the 1800’s. Hotel Architects historically and today are an obvious choice as every part of the ship is ‘designed.’ From cutlery, to china, to cabins, to pools, to spas, to restaurants, to boat decks it is an opportunity to showcase the elegance of our time in majestic floating ‘cities’ equipped with modern technology and today’s standards.

Archer Humphryes designs for concept cruise lines have a touch of the romance of bygone golden era of Transatlantic and Pacific crossings with a modern twist for a younger generation of travellers. Combined with a simplicity of planning their approach is always to generate a memorable trip for passengers onboard, no different to architecture.

As a design type, liners are a curious hybrid. Part architecture, part vessel, they are essential mixed-use in nature – not only are they floating hotel and leisure facilities for the guests , but they are also workplace and accommodation for the crew, which gives particular challenges for circulation and adjacencies. Working with the demands of the maritime environment is a new emerging chapter in there portfolio.

Coming soon will be the launch of new projects.