In a country, that has a long maritime heritage, Britain is creative hub for yacht design. Our studio has been forging forwards with projects that have an affinity with beautiful surroundings and the outdoor lifestyle. With a growing portfolio that translates simply into the life of living aboard an ocean going yacht, we are receiving commissions for handcrafted interiors of mega sail yachts, along with technically advanced designs for competitive racing sail yachts and luxury leisure motor yachts. Currently we are creating challenging designs for individuals and boat makers building high performance elegant yachting lines across the world.

Sailing enthusiasts ourselves, having first watched the America’s cup in 2000 of the coast of Auckland, on Team New Zealand’s launch - it was a momentous occasion -being the first America’s cup without an American challenger or defender. Excellence in detail is a vital component in building craft with innovative technology, and as yacht designers, we are interested in combining the materials of the composites and ground breaking naval structures with safe and graceful ingenious interiors.

Please contact us for a current portfolio for making dreams a reality.