Ocean 2* Michelin

Role: Hospitality Architect & Designer
Completed 2016

Ocean Restaurant reopened after a dramatic transformation that sees the culinary experience and interior design spectacularly re-imagined. One of just three, highly-esteemed Portuguese restaurants to win two Michelin stars, the revival of Ocean reflects the culmination of seven years of research and development by talented Chef Hans Neuner. Bringing down the boundaries between the kitchen and dining rooms further, is the Chef’s Table, a single 300-year old piece of solid oak situated in the kitchen that can accommodate up to six guests, and allows diners to make a dynamic connection with the chef and witness dishes created first-hand.

The result is a hypnotic room that constantly affords an ever-changing horizon of the ocean. Tables are arranged to provide couples with romantic views & groups further back in the plan for conviviality helping with the technical acoustic of intimacy between guests. The pensive blue walls reflect the environs & provide the backdrop for the decorative show of coral & shells. This, together with the visible kitchen & wine tasting area provides an ambiance that is warm & calming, reflecting the fine dining on offer.

Hanging crystals from Murano line the entrance hall, guiding diners into the restaurant, and the natural palette of colours used in the interior design, evoke the deep blue of the sea, the sky and the golden sands of the Algarve itself. New floor to ceiling windows that open completely are key to the experience, so diners can relish the unique clifftop view over the Atlantic, after which the restaurant was named, as well as enjoy the evocative sea breeze and the sounds of the waves.