The challenge was to be the best chic bar and lounge in London. To create the concept for Anthracite Martini Lounge it required a timeless response that would blend and feel at home in the hotel. Evoking the style and glamour of the first railway age.- emphasising the historic character of the building while at the same time providing an elegant, contemporary design was the result. Starting with the entry space, the floor pattern in walnut, maple and oak was inspired by historical geometric patterns. The tessellation of stars on the floor provides a striking background that retreats in the hierarchy of the rooms, allowing other motifs- including the star sofa and bar to be prominent. When the furniture is occupied and the tables glistening with crystal and cocktails - the floor is the showcase. Interlaced with the geometry is the history of travel during the industrial revolution by train. Initially heading through the Simplon pass into Venice, then further afield to Istanbul, Syria and Iraq, Anthracite is an attempt to absorb the bygone era of the Belle Époque an overarching ambition for the hotel design concept.

Main stand out features include: Quatrefoil high tables with marble inlay and traced brass: starfish central banquette designed in seafoam blue velvet: and opalescent Murano white spun glass chandeliers that form eye catching light to glaze over the interior.

Inspiration for the colours are: Italy, Florence, ‘A Room with a View’ by EM Forster. Railway travel allowed grand tours to be more immediate. Travelling to Belle Époque interiors with European furniture, dark green velvet drapes, exotic marbles, seafoam velvet, chocolate or ivory leather, polished timber, brass, mirrors and lighting was the essence of the day. The electric blue of the mirrored glass was inspired by the magnum Provence rose bottle served at Eden Roc in St.Barths which captures sunlight and bounces around in the glass and a chic ambience. Throughout - combining craftsmanship of furniture design and boiserie, it was important that the furniture Archer Humphryes designed was expressed as integral with the space.

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Anthracite Martini Lounge

Role: Architect, Interior & Furniture Design
Completed 2018