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Role: Architect & Interior Designer
Completed 2019

Built around a central, brass bar that’s open on all-sides, Coppa Club has a raised lounge for co - working, a 250-cover restaurant with a marble herringbone floor, and a café with booths and a fireplace. Outside, there’s a large, south-facing terrace that catches the sun all day. All of the seating is designed to make the most of our view over the river, including Tower Bridge, The Shard and HMS Belfast.

When Archer Humphryes first started working with Hugh Osmond of Sun Capital and his team, the brief was to create a restaurant with energy around a bar at the heart, a place where you could go with you family, or grab a coffee whilst running. Simple enough as a start.

In attempting to achieve this ease of an open vista with an ambition for an approachable design is actually much more of a challenge than it sounds, and at the same time keeping sweeping views of a UNESCO complex at The Tower of London uninterrupted by the paraphernalia of sun structures to the terrace. A Terrace will be the envy of the neighbours as it takes full advantage of the site

Inspirations for the room where take from the greys, blues and greens of the River Thames. For the lantern flasks Archer Humphryes worked once more with Rothschild and Bickers who hand blew all the pieces in a range of grey, green, blue, aqua and opalescent shades. The vibrant greens and teals are a contrast to the warm timbers and spun brass lamp shades. The high street in Britain will no longer feel dreary with coffee shops heavily coloured in dark timbers and reds with Coppa Club taking centre stage. The real success of the budget is that it achieves the dynamic dining, symmetry, architectural spatial arrangement, furniture and lighting that easily competes with eateries across all sectors.