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Role:Interior Designer & Architectural Concept
2019 commencement

The creative team of Archer Humphryes were approached to create interior design studies for Shiva, along with architectural solutions to open up the public realm of the site. In studying the development for a new 199-bedroom luxury lifestyle hotel in Marylebone, the designers first response was to create a permeable corner façade with greenery connecting to the public realm at street level to the new street scheme on Marylebone lane.

Bedroom Suites were simple in palette with soft pinks and Lulworth blue. Floors were formed off chevron parquet in bleached oak. Soft upholstered furniture with curvaceous backs and elliptical forms centred in the rooms, created a sitting room experience that takes full advantage of the generous floor to ceiling glazed perimeter wall.

Commenting on the future of hotel design the architects relay: “The retrenchment of ever increasing travel and accessibility requires a significant adjustment on behalf of the hospitality industry. Ideas of success and ‘a good time’ have radically changed and so the aspirations of recent years of packed bars and excitement in hotel public areas have been replaced with an emphasis on family and friends, safety and responsibility. This places an increased importance on the hotel room experience being at the core of the offering.”