The Lakes

Formerly as co - head of Yoo design, designs on key projects were generated by Archer Humphryes. Most significantly at The Lakes by Yoo, architectural and interior designs were constructed for varying scale properties nestled suspended over the lakes, as part of the initial set of showcase homes.

Now a glittering site full of waterfront and woodland homes, creating the initial show homes with Yoo, Kelly Hoppen, Jade Jagger , Elle Macpherson and Philippe Starck began nearly a decade ago. Set within 650 acres of Cotswold Countryside with six clearwater lakes, work began with masterplanning, the architecture and interior to create a retreat second home. Now the project is highly publicised in the Sunday papers, winning Bronze at the UK property awards in 2008/2009 during Julie Humphryes tenure leading the design development.

When starting on site there was a former fisherman’s hut, which with each visit a familarity of the site and how it changes over seasons became apparent. The initial schemes featured here, took natural materials and colours to reflect the shifting positions around the Lakes, from North to South facing.

One house featured solid Slovenian Alpine Doughlas Fir walls in the interiors which create a texture and an aroma. A poured white resin floor allowed the light to be absorbed and for indoor and oudoor robustness. Continuing the curvaceous poured surface, the bathrooms used moulded corian to form the sinks and storage cabinetry with acid etched with alternate mirror glass forming cabinets above. In the living areas and bedrooms the combination of white with solid trestle pages, painted ‘clay’ coloured textures, with occasional bursts of yellow and turquiose in the accessories were directly taken from the environment.

In these projects from working with local team to develop the architecture, procure the ‘ objects’, genrate the interior design and oversee the delivery installation and styling for the end product is something that Archer Humphryes have built a reputation in there own studio for residential design beginning with there foundation for this established property lifestyle group.

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