Shwalli Jeddah

Role: Architect & Interior Designer
2020 Commencement

Appointed at the beginning of 2020, Archer Humphryes Architects have begun a collaboration with AIMS Holdings to deliver a brand identity for the Apartment Hotel concept in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Travelling to Jeddah to explore the Red Sea sites and meet the team was an important introduction into the region. Before starting a new collaboration, efforts are made to understand the local customs, architectural cultural differences and consider how different civilisations live in our modern world. By undertaking research and understanding the geographical site, the local technologies, weather patterns, topography and urban constraints assists in developing the clients brief with a successful outcome.

In bringing hospitality and hotel expertise from London to create a new brands and multiple concepts in this region is a brave move in a country that is transforming quickly, one that Archer Humphryes are poised to begin with the team.

The initial ideas are revolutionary in the market bringing contemporary vision into a hotel industry that is ready to change.

Projects Coming Soon