As an accredited Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Chartered Practice, Archer Humphryes Architects work to the highest standards of professional practice accross the world. They hold professional indemnity for all scales of projects from skyscrapers to one of houses, to historic conservation projects to new buildings. Architecture is very important to each project as it spatially defines the entire project.


A holistic approach is taken to interiors where the concept has to link to the context of the architecture, the landscape, weather or city beyond. As architects the team can offer a complete solution of construction and project management that goes beyond a traditional interior designers scope. This approach allows for the craftsmanship of the interiors materials to transform the spatial understanding of the project maximising all the components of the scheme.


A hallmark of the work is frequently all the furniture is made to there own designs. Giving comfort to clients that there project is individual to them. Made to the highest sustainable qualities of craftsmanship, collaborations are made with artisans who have practised traditions for centuries. Similarly, they love modern classics and will source furniture where an original piece or local product enhances the project more.


Local knowledge of a geographic area is important in establishing mature planting schemes and collaboration in the region is paramount. Having worked on large resorts in the Mediterranean and the Tropics the team have an extensive knowledge of materials, detailing and planting to create the ambience necessary for the project. Similarly, if the scale is a rooftop garden for a private residence or a skybar in the city it is studied to the same degree.


Whether it’s vintage pieces from fairs in Paris, Milan and London, an extensive library and strong relationships with collectors and gallery owners alike assist in tracking down the right piece for the space. They will work with specialist manufacturers to include speacialist pieces in the scheme’s concept from the start to completion . Lighting designs general principle is working with hidden sources and dramatic pieces for display, often custom designed.


Always in starting a concept, there is often no name or narrative to the project idea. As part of our research and development of the designers the designers will generate ideas for the strong identity of the scheme. Often projects have different components, a bar, a restaurant, a spa, a boutique or a garden. All of these parts of a project are considered collectively but also as distinct competing aspects of a singular idea.


Avian projects are a strong provenance to Archer Humphryes work. In designing interiors for private jets or commercial airliners and linking the experience to the architecure on the ground is a real opportunity to raise the benchmark in design. With new innovations and technologies this is an exciting area for the team to provided technical know how and imagination for unchartered challenging initiatives for interiors.


Working on the majesty of marine projects is a vital part of the practice. In collaboration with the best naval architects and structural engineers in the world Archer Humphryes are able to provide an architectural interior design solution that pushes the scope and vision to create unprecedented solutions. Extensive knowledge of detailing, materials and the high safety standards required for certification allows the team to generate the most luxurious schemes at sea.


Showcasing products at events, choregraphing a gallery opening or developing pop - up restaurants and boutiques - Exhibition and ‘ set - up ’ are important in transforming business through creativity. High Impact is the challenge and leads to engagement with graphic designers, film makers, journalists and creative technologists to bring new audiences to cimegraphic space that the team make.