Isaloni Milano Fratelli Boffi

‘After Adam’ Collection Fratelli Boffi iSALONI DI MOBILE MILANO 2014


Sculpted forms inspired by classicism, but revisited with a modern take, are the leitmotiv of After Adam. The English architects Archer Humphryes wanted to pay an explicit homage to XVIII-century Scottish designer Robert Adam. The old cabinet-making tradition and the handcraft experience of Fratelli Boffi give life to a wide range of products where materials and forms are the absolute leaders. Woods and essences, metal, brass, bronze, silver, glass, hide and leather, as well as styles inspired by architecture and combined with sophisticated productions and decorations, merge in an eccentric collection that, as usual, makes room for the ironic, playful vision which is typical of the Brianza company.

What architects Archer Humphryes wanted to create is a collection of furniture that responds to contemporary comfort, whilst maintaining functional modernity, without detaching itself from the precious legacy of tradition. The whole concept develops through modules of elegant simplicity focusing on reinterpreting works by Adam inspired by Georgian décor, with the addition of the accurate engineering, deeply contemporary touch of the English architects.

The collection was exhibited at ISaloni Milano in 2014 and the set – up of the stand for the exhibition was also created by Archer Humphryes Architects.

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