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Working on behalf of André Balazs David Archer Architects were responsible for overseeing the delivery and installation of the Maison Tropicalé on the South Bank, London as part of the Design Museum’s exhibition Jean Prouvé – The Poetics of the Technical Object, Feb – April 2008.

The Maison Tropicale was designed and manufactured by Jean Prouvé between 1949 and 1951 and subsequently assembled in the Republic of the Congo. Having fallen into a state of relative dereliction it was salvaged and returned to France in 2000 where it underwent careful restoration. It was then first displayed in Paris and then New York, where it was purchased by André Balazs under auction at Christies.

Further colour punctuation is lent to the space by the layout of the bright red mesh Alias chairs . The café has an unusual addition. The Mezzanine lounge/working area is ideal either people waiting for an appointment or an out of office meeting area.

David Archer Architects was responsible for overseeing the commissioning of detailed cataloguing and assembly drawings of the house, prior to dismantling and shipment, thus facilitating the installation of the house on the banks of the River Thames at Tate Modern, London.

Its’ presence in London was made possible by the loan and shipment of the house by André Blazas to the Design Museum and Tate Modern, London.

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