Diomed Villas, Croatia

The practice was commissioned in 2009 to design a series of 9 new villas overlooking the Mediterranean. The Villas range from 2 to 4 bedrooms and are planned with individual pools and terraces with outdoor showers. Properties also have individual direct access to the sea, subterranean parking with lifts to upper floors, individual gymnasiums and ensuite bathrooms.

The arrangement of the buildings within the landscape has been carefully considered to ensure that villas take advantage of land and seascape as well as avoid impinging on the privacy of neighbours.

Diomed Villas exterior 01
Diomed Villas exterior 02
Diomed Villas exterior 03 Diomed Villas interior 01
Diomed Villas interior 02 Diomed Villas interior 03
Diomed Villas interior 04