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Cay Tre Soho is the first French Vietnamese Café; to open in Soho. The owner has been operating Viet Grill in Shoreditch for some time, and the brief was to create an interior in which this popular cuisine could be enjoyed easily throughout the day and evening.

The design contains a number of notable features. A long bar formed in black cracked glazed volcanic stone sits in the café entrance. The walls are lined in sand-blasted Douglas Fir timber boards and the floor is laid out with patterned mosaics and crushed white marble tiles.

The black stained oak and leather furniture sits in silhouette against the cool finishes and careful atmospheric lighting reflects off the floor, back bar and numerous glass surfaces. The café seats 80 persons who are arranged in high tables opposite the bar; in café seating along the length of the restaurant; and more formally in the dining room at the rear of the space. Saturated colour is found in the staircases and bathrooms and vivid coloured pattern is applied to the menus and uniforms that provide a vibrant and unexpected contrast to the architectural aesthetic.

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