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Naamyaa is a new all day dining ‘Bangkok Café’ conceived by Alan Yau for the Busaba Eathai Restaurant Group. It will be open for Breakfast lunch and dinner and takes its name from the sauce served in traditional terracotta pots and eaten with fresh rice noodles.

The architect worked with the client, North graphic design and the consultant team to successfully arrange and detail the core components to create a unique café dining experience. The effect achieved is one of continual movement and energy.

The chefs take centre stage within the central kitchen enclosure while the sense of movement is continually stimulated by double rows of rotating fans at high level and enhanced by the surprise of moving LED graphics endlessly reflected across the restaurants’ glass and gloss finishes. While the use of light energy and movement define the space as not only modern but futuristic the restaurant’s containing surfaces of centuries old Ayatthaya Thai brick, historic ceramic pattern and the brilliance of the display of golden deities define the cafes cultural provenance.

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