Whale restaurant & pool ALGARVE


Poolside casual dining with magnificent views to the beach and the Atlantic ocean was the brief Archer Humphryes began with. Perched upon breathtaking clifftops in luscious tropical gardens was where the designers created a new destination across three levels with striking new architecture and new pools. With architecture, landscape and interior design the adapted site has been reinvigorated as a contemporary setting.

The result is a serene place that works throughout the day and twinkles with lighting carefully conceived to give a relaxed atmosphere. at night. Beachware and barefoot the materials and textures are smooth where touched, with local linens and materials adding to the design palette. Tables are arranged to provide everyone with views of the ocean and carefully screened that even when the coastal winds are raging the view and restaurant can be enjoyed.

A dramatic staircase connects the different spaces and is a central feature of the complex. Banana leaves and tropical plants are part of the evolving landscape to create privacy and intimacy within a poolside designed to be seen in, and where celebrities frequently stay undisturbed. Working with our product and furniture designs - Fratelli Boffi created the furniture, with occasional pieces from Italian manufacturers, all combined to create the theatrical ambience with Emanuel Cabral, from Turisvilas-Investimentos,S.A. careful construction with the resort still open to the public.

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