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On the Ground Aviation

Actual flying experiences are shaped not only by the activity in the sky, or how they perform against direct competitors, but how this links you from your home, to your business and your ultimate destination. Archer Humphryes have consulted with different industries to combine a holistic connected journey that links technology and movement on the ground before departure and after arrival, with airliners and airport authorities.

Whether you are a VIP with a discrete, private gateway onto the runway or a frequent flyer in a busy hub terminal, our work over the years has encompassed consulting and designing many areas on the ground. With Heathrow Airport Authority, formerly BAA, the architects have examined flows for airliners for tangible construction and civil engineering solutions, including the ‘Upper Class Wing’ to guide the management boards into making the investment and appointing Lord Foster; in positioning and planning the largest business class lounge in heathrow for Virgin Atlantic Airways; in looking at a terminal wing for the pre - ordered A380’s and improving the passenger experince when arriving into the UK, with glass jetways and precision engineering to obtain exceptional turnaround times for Airbus Industrie where a thousand passengers disembark; creating an aesthetic for hangars, where dignitaries can be found that support all scale jets and particularly the new generation mega craft including the Boeing 747 Dreamliner; to small iconic architectural private jet terminals accross the world.

As Head of Architecture and Industrial Design for Airbus Industrie, Paul Edwards says “Archer Humphryes generate far future concepts for airport living and terminals, guide passenger experience through the hub to the global cities beyond, link the design on the ground to the overall experience.” They share a provenance of completed projects that they have collaborated with over the past decade, working together before practice and beyond.

With hospitality and luxury travel core to the aviation industry for corporate clients, entrpreneurs and private individuals alike, Archer Humphryes innovation is key to market edge on the ground. As each project requires an independant vision and each project is different, this allows the team to work in the same industry sector for multiple clients.

One project appraised was saving the Landmark listed Terminal 5 (formerly the TWA terminal) designed by Eero Saarinen at New York’s JFK for re - use, not as an airport terminal but as a hotel for a well known hotelier. This iconic building through reuse will become a living museum for people in the public arena once more.

Their role in design is to put the next generation of aviation on the ground and in the air, into permanent production and to make it part of everyday life’s expectactions . To be part of it.

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